An investment opportunity
limited to accredited investors only

Stability without compromise

We’re about more than just stability.

About Stable Funds.

Our goal is to create investment opportunities that not only limit risk but also maximize returns. We provide liquidity to institutional lenders in order to fund over­collatera­lized loans. Over­collatera­lization greatly mitigates risk and allows us to have a stable dollar-for-dollar value on all funds invested with us.

over­collatera­lized lending:
A stable and secure lending model

The borrower provides liquid collateral for twice the amount of the desired loan. For example, a $500,000 loan would require $1 million in collateral.
The lender takes possession of the collateral.
The investor receives a 4% – 6% dividend payment based on the amount invested.
The borrower receives the liquidity.
The lender executes the loan.
  • The borrower provides liquid collateral for twice the amount of the desired loan. For example, a $500,000 loan would require $1 million in collateral.
  • The lender takes possession of the collateral.
  • The lender executes the loan.
  • The borrower receives the liquidity.
  • The investor receives a 4% – 6% dividend payment based on the amount invested.

Excellent returns.

We offer investors returns that are significantly higher than typical bank or money market offerings and are not impacted by the volatility of the markets.

Our interest rates are paid on a tiered structure that is based on the amount invested, as shown on the illustration. Interest is accrued daily and compounded monthly. Interest is paid on a quarterly basis and can be withdrawn on the first day of every new quarter or remain invested to achieve additional compounding.

After the required minimum 90-day investment, the investor can withdraw funds at any time with seven days’ notice. Any additional funds invested after the first 90 days are not subject to the 90-day requirement.

Tiered interest structure

Tier 1
interest paid on investments of $50,000 to $250,000
Tier 2
interest paid on investments of $250,000 to $1 million
Tier 3
interest paid on investments of $1 million and up


On an investment of $2 million, the investor would earn 4% on the first $250,000, 5% on the next $750,000, and 6% on the remaining $1 million.

Security provided by a name trusted for over 300 years.

As an added level of security for our investors, our fund is insured up to $100 million by Lloyd’s (formerly known as Lloyd’s of London). Founded in 1683, Lloyd’s is a world-renowned firm with an exemplary history of providing security, stability and trust.

Experience and expertise.

Stable Funds’ partners Michael Potthoff, Casey Rice and Douglas Simpson have a combined total of more than 50 years of extensive and wide-ranging experience in the areas of asset management, finance, and securities lending. They have worked for some of the world’s leading firms and have been involved in billions of dollars’ worth of transactions in private equity, preferred equity real estate and securities lending.

Stable Funds partners.

Michael Potthoff

Managing Partner

Michael completed his undergraduate education at Abilene Christian University in 2002 and his graduate education at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business Certified Financial Planning program with a focus on institutional finance. For 10 years, he worked with Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s largest asset management companies, primarily focused on ultra-high net worth, family office, and institutional assets. Michael worked with Fidelity Capital Markets to put together hundreds of securities lending transactions for his clientele. Prior to Fidelity, Michael spent four years as business development director of Platinum Financial Strategies and raised $800 million in institutional debt instruments. Michael is currently a partner at Pax Equity, a commercial real estate private equity firm. He has been involved in over $6.8 billion in private equity and preferred equity real estate transactions as well as $350 million in securities lending transactions.

Casey Rice

Director of Operations

Casey has over nine years of operational management and supervisor experience. Casey served in the U.S. Navy and was promoted to supervisor for Emergency Egress and Environmental Control Systems, and specialized in operational risk management. He later became a senior program manager, where he implemented practices that focused on cost-effectiveness and evaluated risk-based analysis. During the past two years, he has worked as the project manager for Cedar Ridge property management and is responsible for coordinating and supervising maintenance, repairs and upgrades to facilities, as well as establishing a budget for operations.

Douglas Simpson

Director of Business Development

Douglas completed his B.S. degree at Arkansas State University with a major in finance. He worked at Charles Schwab, the third-largest asset manager in the world, for 16 years, serving as branch manager for three offices in the Houston area, each with over $1 billion in client assets. Douglas managed relationships considering all constituents: clients, brand, internal policy, regulatory and business risks. In addition to his extensive experience in financial services, Douglas is also active in the non-profit sector. He and his wife founded a registered charity to combat poverty and strengthen families in developing countries. They spent nearly 10 years in the Philippines to establish a local presence for the charity.